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Extraordinary endurance CH-4 15W-40/20W-50
announcer:handler Release date:2017-09-19

Extraordinary endurance

Heavy duty diesel engine oil CH-4 15W-40/20W-50

Product performance:

·The product adopts deep hydrogenation base oil and multi-functional additives to meet the requirements of Euro 1l national 1V engine;

· Meet the American Petroleum Institute APlCH-4 quality level standard requirements;

·Selected excellent base oil and multifunctional additives, with heavy load, wear resistance, clean and environmental protection;

·Excellent low temperature start-up performance, effectively extending the oil change cycle; ultra-high alkali value formula, good fuel adaptability;

· Keep the engine running smoothly under various working conditions, providing comprehensive and superior protection for the engine and significantly reducing operating costs.

Application range:

·Using all-round additive formulation technology to fully meet all kinds of natural inhalation and turbocharged diesel engines, as well as heavy-duty diesel engines such as imported and domestic vehicles.

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