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Extraordinary endurance Cl-4 15W-40/20W-50
announcer:handler Release date:2017-09-19

Extraordinary endurance

Heavy duty diesel engine oil Cl-4 15W-40/20W-50

Product performance:

·Excellent clean dispersion, effectively inhibiting the formation of engine sludge and piston ring deposits, keeping the engine clean at all times;

·Super anti-wear, save fuel, high temperature resistance, reduce oil consumption, good resistance to high temperature oxidation stability;

· Effectively prevent engine components from causing corrosion due to deposits, reducing corrosion and wear and prolonging engine life;

· It can meet the lubrication of all kinds of diesel engines under heavy load, long operation, high speed and harsh conditions;

· This product meets the American Petroleum Institute APICI-4 quality requirements.

Application range:

·Applicable to Dongfeng, Chenglong, Balong heavy truck, Jiefang, Hualing, Shaanxi Automobile, semi-trailer, Volvo, Hino, long-distance bus, heavy truck, imported heavy truck, construction machinery, etc., turbocharged engine with diesel engine load of over 45 tons Lubrication is suitable for heavy-duty vehicles with harsh working conditions and is suitable for heavy-duty public transport vehicles and passenger vehicles.

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